Contact Your Salon Host

Please contact me directly for more information about the au pair program in the USA. I mainly cover the Southeastern States (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida), but I am available to help new families in any State.

You can complete the form below, with a good time and number to call you. My Salon may be virtual, but we can take the discussion further and chat by phone or Skype over a cup of tea… or coffee!

What to expect when you contact me:

  1. Information. I enjoy discussing the au pair program in all its facets and you will not be obligated to engage in any marketing or application.
  2. Discussion. A two-way conversation with questions, answers, remarks, concerns, stories, experiences and maybe even laughs.
  3. Correspondance. We can keep in contact through the medium you are most comfortable with: mail, e-mail, phone, Skype, Twitter, facebook… The only methods I don’t use are pigeon letters, the pony express or telegram.
  4. Advice. Although I am not a professional counselor, I draw from my years of experience having been an au pair and coordinating the program to make recommendations, provide you with tools, tips and ideas to make a succesful transition into au pair childcare.
  5. Service. If you decide to work with me to join the au pair program, I will ensure to follow up with you in a timely manner via phone or e-mail. I will assist you during the matching process to make sure your requests are answered and you are able to reach your au pair candidates. I will communicate with all parties involved and act as your right (invisible) hand. You will have plenty of qualified resources at your disposal, but I will make sure to be one of them.

I look forward to hearing from you!