A Work-At-Home Mom’s Perspective On Hosting An Au Pair

[tweetmeme source=”FrenchNad” only_single=false] Valerie Rempe is a veteran host mom and has balanced a full-time career with her family life through the au pair program for over 10 years. In today’s article, she shares her experience and unique perspective on hosting an au pair for full-time childcare: 

“When my husband and I decided to start a family 12 years ago, we were very excited about the prospect and also anxious to find a trustworthy and responsible adult to help us care for our first child, as dual-working parents.  We settled on hosting an au pair, as it provided one-on-one care for our daughter.  12 years later, we are still utilizing au pairs for childcare help!  

Our Italian family visiting one of our favorite Au Pairs, Elena Turchi of Pisa, Italy! We have vacationed there twice recently, and were able to meet both times, including attending her wedding!

I have worked from home for all 11 years, and believe I have the best of both worlds: responsible and loving childcare, not to mention the most affordable option for as many hours as we need help, combined with the ability to also have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my children!  I am on the phone many weekends and evenings, and having our live-in au pair here, allows flexiblity in my work day and hours.  I would not change one thing in regards to the childcare choices that we have made. 

Daughters with Au Pair Elena in Piza Italy

Au Pair Elena with Val's Daughters

Our life has been wonderful with a high level of affordability and flexibility in response to our needs for help with our children.  I have never washed children’s laundry, have help with grocery shopping, can get a workout in the morning before my work day begins, and have had a date night with my husband once per week for 11 years! 

All the way around- the best solution there is…  Hosting a mature, loving, and responsible Au Pair is as good as it gets!  My children are outgoing, happy, and natural when speaking with adults as a result of bonding with adults other than their parents for their whole life!”


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One Response to A Work-At-Home Mom’s Perspective On Hosting An Au Pair

  1. nprice says:

    Thanks Val for contributing with your personal experience. Any other WAHMs wanting to share?

    On LinkedIn, Susan R. says: “An au pair is a great solution for a work at home parent. I am so much more productive having an extra pair of hands in the house and it allows me to be better about walking away from my computer at the end of the day. It is so nice to have someone playing with the kids, feeding them, and yes, cleaning up after them and doing laundry. It means that my time in the evening can be family focused and not only chores. It also means that I can be there for the kids if they have something they want to share with me. I find it to be the best of both worlds.”

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