Summer Childcare… Year-Long!

Just a few more days and it will officially be the SUMMER! Welcome school-break for the kids, welcome swimming at the lake or neighborhood pool, welcome family vacation and overnight camps! The summer also represents a lot of planning for stay-at-home-moms or working parents, who now have school-aged children at home full-time, and need to juggle between kids at the grandparent’s house, day camps, baby-sitters… while continuing all of the normal activities and work involved with running a household.

Getting Acquainted With Your Au Pair

Summer is also a great time to “try out” the au pair program. Hosting an au pair outside of the normal school routine is a great way to get to know each other and have her involved in organizing all those fun activities, from your 1-year-old to your 12-year-old. Have her practise driving in your area, from the local park, to the supermarket, show her where the school is, and have her acquainted with the moms you usually take your youngest on playdates.

Keeping Up Language Skills

Your au pair can also reinforce the foreign language your children are learning in school, and work with them on fun games and homework they may have to keep up their language skills over the summer.

The Family Vacation With HELP!

And then of course having the option to take your au pair with you on your family vacation, calling it a working week for her where her schedule varies with the days, is a fantastic way for you to get to relax some too! And see how your au pair handles the kids, helping with daily chores and how well s/he fits with your family. Don’t forget to give your au pair the normal 1.5 days off per week or her full week-end, so she can also enjoy and discover your vacation spot and have some time to herself… It is important to establish a schedule in your Communication Log as always, so you ensure you are not working your au pair overtime and setting the right expectation regarding the working nature of the family vacation.

Contact me to discuss your needs for the summer and back-to-school, or also review this article on the topic of “Family Vacation With Your Au Pair”.


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