♥ Celebrating Valentine’s Day…

Although an international holiday, Valentine’s Day is celebrated quite differently in the USA than in other parts of the world. In France for example (my home country), that day is dedicated to love & romance, couples exchange gifts or go out to a romantic dinner… and if you are single, you feel quite left out.

A great oppotunity to make your au pair feel loved and part of your family!

In America, it is so nice that women exchange cards with their friends, family members may exchange small gifts or treat someone special in their life. What a great opportunity to make your au pair feel special and appreciated, by offering her a nice box of chocolate or candy from her home country or your favorite kind you want to share with her!
And if the date is a landmark for the time you and your au pair have spent together so far, or she has worked really hard and you want to encourage her, an inexpensive fashion jewelry piece (heart-shaped or with the symbol of your State – Palmettos are pretty!) or Starrbucks/ B&N/ Blockbuster gift card might be nice too.

… especially when you involve the kids or extended family!

With Cultural Care Au Pair’s logo being a ♥ heart,representing cultural exchange and sharing friendship, our local childcare coordinators definitely encourage our au pairs to come up with a craft to do with the kids as a gift for their parents… But wouldn’t it be nice for your au pair to also receive a hand-written card from your family?

Date night, really?

A special gift from you would indeed mean a lot to your au pair, especially if you are asking her to baby-sit on Valentine’s night. Well yes! The nice thing about hosting an au pair, is the flexibility of schedule. If you have a few hours left over from your week, why not arrange a night when your au pair goes out with friends, and one night when you go out with your spouse/ significant other? Now all you need is a reservation… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!


About FrenchNad

English to French Translator & Interpreter; blogging at lemotdubonjour.com about a French word of the day, the challenges of interpreting and translating, and my adventures in Oregon!
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