Finding your au pair: 3 ways to match!

Finding the right au pair for your family can be a very time-consuming endeavor, especially if you are doing it on your own: you may spend hours researching, reviewing, interviewing, checking references, etc. As a busy parent, you have limited time available and you need to be able to make every minute count… This is where we come in! When you apply with Cultural Care Au Pair, a qualified placement manager and myself will help you every step of the way! 

We offer 3 ways to match, which are great time-savers with the support provided but also offering the freedom to search on your own:
1. Search and Select:Families who prefer to search themselves for candidates can “Search and Select” independently. Families can search online through hundreds of available au pair profiles and express interest in specific candidates. Their placement manager will place up to three preferred candidates in their account to review exclusively.
2. Personalized, consultative matching:A family’s placement manager carefully selects applicants on a family’s behalf. Families are presented with up to three au pair candidates to review exclusively.
3. Consultative Matching:Families may schedule a consultative matching appointment with their placement manager. During this phone call, families will be able to review multiple candidates at once and get an overview of our current au pair pool. Families will be able to select up to three available candidates to review exclusively by the end of their appointment.
“Exclusively” means that the au pair is reserved for your family and that you are not competing against other families during the review process. This is very important as sometimes a great au pair candidate can get confused when s/he is getting calls from multiple families with similar situations. The families end up competing for that au pair based on their location in the USA, what they say they offer to the au pair… The real focus of matching needs to remain REQUIREMENTS and PREFERENCESfrom both the host family and au pair. When they pre-match based on these, the host family can move on to interviewing the au pair.

After you complete your application, discuss what you are looking for in your au pair with your placement manager. You and I will of course have discussed previously as well, especially if you contacted me about a specific au pair candidate.

Requirements: These are criteria based on your application that we will have to find in your au pair candidate. If you have children under 2, you have a swimming-pool and you have a dog, we will need to make sure your au pair candidate is infant-qualified, is a good swimmer and is not allergic to pets. The requirements are the basic things you are needing vs. wanting in your au pair.

Preferences: These are criteria based on your affinities, family activities and likings, such as hobbies you may share with the au pair, places you like to travel too, activities you like to pursue or an interest you have in a specific culture or language. Some of these may be very important to you if your child is learning a specific second language, but some of these may also be secondary and enable you to be opened to multiple possibilities. 

The key as always is communication: let us know what you need and what you want in your au pair, and we will do our best to find an outstanding match… and even if we surprise you with an unexpected country or language, remember to stay OPEN-MINDED 🙂


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