A Family Vacation With Your Au Pair

One of the advantages of the au pair program is that you don’t need to give up childcare when your family goes on vacation!

Although the goal is of course to spend time with your children, having a childcare provider with you means that:

  • you have some help available for daily chores (if you are renting a house for example) 
  • you have options for a baby-sitter if you and your husband decide to go on a “date-night”
  • you don’t need to leave your children with a baby-sitter you don’t know at the resort
  • you can have your au pair take care of the younger children while you spend time with your older children doing some fun activity you promised to them for example

When it comes time to plan your family vacation, discuss with your au pair whether:
– It is a working vacation for her and she will be expected to come along, all expenses paid, but provide childcare as usual
– It is one of her 2 weeks off per year and she can decide to either come along as a guest (and you can let her know what expenses she is responsible for whether a flight or part of the lodging), or either take that time to plan a trip with friends or with her family

If it is a working vacation for your au pair, simply set a schedule before hand and make sure you communicate what to expect and what to pack (especially if you host an au pair from Brazil and you are going skiing for example). Let her know what activities you would like for her to do with your family or with the children, and make sure she is comfortable with those activities.

Also, if she is traveling with you, make sure to count most of the hours into her working schedule as you will want her help to carry luggage, feed the children and keep them entertained.

Finally, this time away from the daily routine will be a great opportunity for you to bond with your au pair and get to know her better. If she has been with your family for a few months, make sure you also reward her for her hard work and efforts with a fun paid-for activity at the resort, or nice dinner. Enjoy your vacation together, and happy skiing!!


About FrenchNad

English to French Translator & Interpreter; blogging at lemotdubonjour.com about a French word of the day, the challenges of interpreting and translating, and my adventures in Oregon!
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