Number 2 priority after arrival: your driver’s license!

Here is information on how to obtain your South Carolina driver’s license. Depending on your country of origin, you may or may not have to pass the road skills test.



Every au pair comes to the US with an International Driver’s License. You  must have it on you together with your national driver’s license whenever you drive a car.


In addition to having a valid foreign driver license, visitors are advised to carry an International Driving Permit or attach an English translation to their national driving license. Visitors from foreign countries must obtain an International Driving permit in their native country prior to arrival in the United States.



South Carolina DL

As a non-US citizen, if your presence in this country is authorized by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS), and your duration of stay is more than 90 days, you may obtain a South Carolina driver’s license.


For Greenville County, you would need to go to the following DMV:


15 Saluda Dam Road

Greenville, SC 29611

(864) 241-1147

Open Saturday – Non-US Citizen Licensing


South Carolina provides an extensive list of identification requirements ( needed to obtain your license. Although the list is long, the state basically requires you to prove your citizenship/identity, your Social Security number and your residency in the state and you can do so with only one or two documents from each section on the list. Liability insurance is required in South Carolina, so you will need to bring your proof of insurance (which will be your host family’s car insurance) with you to apply.


Greenville County DMV Office for non-US citizens:


15 Saluda Dam Road

Greenville, SC 29611

(864) 241-1147 Open Saturday

Non-US Citizen Licensing


Bring your passport, social security card, your insurance card, a letter from Cultural Care Au Pair stating that you are living with the host family, and the DS-2019 form (it should be in your host family’s welcome pack as well as the letter).


·   Study the SC DMV manual before they arrive in the U.S. at (downloadable in pdf format).


·   You will need to pass a vision test. Remember to wear/bring your eye glasses and/or contact lenses if you use them.


·    You will need to pass a road skill test. It is best to make an appointment to take this test. 


·    Check with the DMV about countries with exemptions from passing the test (France, Germany, …).


For more information go to


It’s a lot of work. You don’t need anything else but luck.


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