Deposit and Second year extension

Here is information about obtaining your deposit back and for 2nd year extension au pairs.


All au pairs pay a deposit in their home country. The amount varies from country to country depending on the structure of that country. Au pairs pay different amounts, and it can also vary within the same country.

To get the deposit back at the end of your year, you must have completed the following:

1/ Stayed 12 months as an au pair

2/ Attended 10 out of 12 monthly meetings

3/ Have completed the educational component

4/ Have sent in the completed Au Pair Evaluation Form

You will fill out the ‘Authorization of Agreement: Deposit Refund Form’ and send it to Operations.

You can choose to:

§    have the deposit RETURNED IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY via bank transfer (usually no fee applies),


§    GET THE DEPOSIT BACK IN THE US via bank transfer.

– A minimal service fee applies for US bank transfers ($5 for agent au pairs or $10 for all others.

– The deposit money will be transferred approximately two weeks before your year is up, as long as Operations has received the evaluation and the educational component form singed by your LCC.

A voided check must be attached to the form if the deposit is to be transferred into a checking account; the finance department will not transfer any monies without proper authorization and evidence of a valid bank account.

– If you do not have a personal bank account, the deposit may be transferred into a bank account of the host family or a friend. CCAP does not assume responsibility for ensuring that you receive the deposit from the host family or friend and cannot retransfer the deposit.

Special information for au pairs recruited through agents:

In countries where CCAP has agents, there are special arrangements with these refunds. Agent au pairs can get the deposit back in the US for only a $5 fee. In addition, they may have to pay a bank transfer fee to get the deposit back in their home country. We recommend all agent au pairs to get their deposits back in the US.

Special information for AUSTRALIAN au pairs:

All Australian au pairs have the option to use their deposit to cover their return flight home. You must choose either the flight or the deposit – you will not get both. This information is detailed in the letter accompanying your flight request form. In some cases Australian au pairs choose to fly to Europe after their year. In this situation, you will receive a flight to Europe and the difference in cost between the European flight ticket and your deposit will be refunded to you.

Special information for POLISH, RUSSIAN, and LATIN AMERICAN au pairs:

You cannot receive your deposits back while in the US. You must request it once you have returned to your home country by contacting your local office and presenting the boarding pass from your return flight as proof that you have returned home. The deposit must be received no later than 14 months from your arrival to the US. If you do not return to your home country after the 13th month you will forfeit your deposit.


-only program is extended, not your J-1 visa

– NO travel outside the US during your 2nd year unless you RENEW your visa in your HOME COUNTR à NEED A NEW VISA stamp in your passport in order to travel

-CCAP recommends renewing

-risk of denial in 3rd country

-always contact the US embassy AHEAD OF TIME and make an appointment

-CCAP advises against travel AT THE END OF YOUR 1st YEAR (visa expires)


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