Au pair’s medical insurance

Here is information about your medical insurance. Your benefit booklet is available on your extranet.


Our insurance provider, Erika Insurance, has now joined the AETNA Network, a large group of healthcare providers. This means that if you now visit a doctor who is affiliated with the AETNA network, you will be able to take advantage of the discounts and benefits available to network members.

ü  NO deductible for doctor/hospital visits within the Aetna network. This applies to au pairs with BOTH basic and extended insurance.

ü  You still have the option to visit any doctor you choose, however, the deductible will apply to any non-network providers ($60/basic,  $30/extended; charged at your first visit)

ü  Locate an Aetna doctor in your area using the Aetna website – enter your zip code and make sure you select ‘Aetna Standard Plans’ and ‘Open Choice PPO Plan’ as your health plan type. You can also call the Chickering Claims Administrators at 1-800-783-7447 for a complete list of participating providers.

ü  The Aetna network does NOT apply to dental coverage. The deductible will still apply to those au pairs with limited coverage under the extended insurance.

ü  ERIKA insurance policy has not changed in regards to what is covered or excluded from coverage

Extended insurance

     can be purchased in your home country or after arrival in the US through Boston ONLY WITHIN 1st MONTH

     $425 (subject to change)


§     UNLIMITED medical expenses

§    DENTAL CARE – necessary treatment (cavities) -$200 max; does not include cleaning; teeth injured in an accident – full reimbursement for temporary treatment

§    FLIGHT REIMBURSEMENT in case of death in the family (only parents and siblings)

     extended insurance for EXTENSION AU PAIRS can be purchased BEFORE your last legal working day

Ø  $425/12 months

Ø  $319/9 months

Ø  $212.50/6 months

If you’ve already purchased 13th month insurance it will automatically roll over to your 25th, 22nd, or 19th month.

13th month insurance

     if you do not purchase this insurance YOU ARE NOT INSURED for you extra month

     if you are traveling during the 13th month, we strongly encourage you to purchase the 13th month insurance

     may be purchased up until your legal departure day through Boston

     $95 (just send in a check or a money order to Operations, made payable to CCAP with a note stating what the check is for)

     with this insurance you are also covered for risky sports on Trek America trips

Sports supplement


     purchase in your home country or in the US

     includes coverage for rafting, rock-climbing, taekwondo, off-slope skiing, …

!!! In case of an accident, contact Erika IMMEDIATELLY and FILE A CLAIM FORM. Only YOU can fill out the form (nobody else). !!!


Claim forms are included in the welcome packet that is sent to the host family before your arrival to the US. You can also download the forms from the Erika website  

If you need to be reimbursed for a medical expense or for baggage or property claims (extended insurance holders only) the claim form needs to be filled out completely and sent to Chickering. In addition to the claim form, you must send all receipts, itemized bills, police reports and any other information related to the claim, as well as a copy of the insurance card. Claims will not be processed without the above documents.

Emergency procedure

Contact Nordic Assistance (1-800-871-9211) if:

     you need to be hospitalized

     you need surgery

     you have a mental health disorder or eating disorder

     you need to interrupt the program

Claims Handling while in the USA:

Erika Travel Insurance/Chickering Claims Administrators

P.O. Box 15719

Boston, MA 02215-1201

Tel. 617-218-8400; 1-800-783-7447

Fax 617-218-8403

Emergency Assistance (also Claims Handling outside the USA)

Erika Travel Insurance/Nordic Assistance

Box 44095

SE-100 73 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel. +46 8 579 379 79; 1-800-871-9211

Fax +46 8 579 379 75

For more information on coverage refer to your Erika Travel Insurance GENERAL CONDITIONS booklet.

If you have questions about the policy you should contact Chickering directly (1-800-783-7447) as CC staff is not trained to answer these questions. 


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