Update for Educational Component

In addition to more traditional school options there are two weekend programs in New York that are once again options for au pairs. Each of these weekends provides 3 credits towards the completion of an au pair’s educational component. Below are links to both programs:

Please note that both of these programs have limited space so please enroll well in advance of the weekend they would like to attend.

~ Silver Bay ~


We know that your visit to America will be an exciting adventure. To ensure that you have the best experience possible, we are offering non-credit classes especially for you. Each weekend is the equivalent of three credit hours of class work and require you to do projects and papers either prior to or after the weekend. These classes, first offered in 1996, provide information that will help you understand American Culture, assist you with being an au pair and offer personal development opportunities. Check with your particular agency to be sure they accept these college courses sponsored by The College of Saint Rose. The College uses the Silver Bay Campus, because there is ample sleeping, eating and classroom space on the Silver Bay Campus. In the 2006 academic year, Silver Bay’s campus was used by over eight colleges in the northeast for courses and other programs. The College of Saint Rose has used the Silver Bay Campus for over 29 years for Educational Programs. Some summer offerings will be on the Albany Campus.

Silver Bay’s official address is 87 Silver Bay Rd., Silver Bay NY 12874. This is about 80 miles north of Albany NY.
Cost: $250.00 for one week-end
For more info regarding Silver Bay, please visit www.silverbay.org

~ C.W. Post Campus ~

Most au pairs want to explore American culture, politics, history and entertainment. You want to experience American life first hand. You can do all that and more in the University Program for Au Pairs at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University. Our program offers you the opportunity to learn American customs, visit landmarks in the New York area, meet other American Students who attend these courses and complete the education requirements for your Visa.

Course Information


For just $550-$600 you can take the six college credits required by your J-1 Visitor Exchange Visa. The classes are designed just for you. You can choose from our 12 offerings, which include American Government and Politics, Celebration of Holidays, American Regional Identities and Growing up in America.


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