South Carolina Driver’s license

Here is some basic information about the South Carolina Driver’s license:

From the link below, you can pretty much find all the information you need:

For Greenville county,  you would need to go to the following DMV:

15 Saluda Dam Road
Greenville, SC 29611
(864) 241-1147
Open Saturday – Non-US Citizen Licensing

Your au pair’s driver’s license will be valid in South Carolina for a period of 90 days, after which she will need to pass the driver’s license test. Your au pair should have gone to her equivalent of the DMV in her country to obtain an “international driver’s license”, which is an additional card showing a translation of their license.
Au pairs can also go ahead and study the SC DMV manual before they arrive in the U.S. at (downloadable in pdf format).

When your au pair arrives, you want to take her out for a drive several times to find out her level of confidence and safety on the road, starting with the neighborhood, showing her where the school, supermarket, DMV are located. Based on your evaluation of her driving skills, you may want to have her go ahead and register to take her driving test.
You may also choose to have her take a few driver’s ed classes to ensure she adpats quicker to our traffic signs and your car.

Also, St Francis hospital has a lot of classes from child CPR ($40.00) to Car Seat Safety available to all:

Safety is a common theme throughout the au pair’s training and will be reinforced by your LCC with 4 safety meetings as part of our CEP.


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